Plan your party

No matter if it comes to an informal meeting or an official event, Jet Cat catering will assist you in plaining and executing all tasks that are related with the organization of a successful and truly unforgettable event.

The Details!

Success lies in the smallest details” - and no matter if you like or hate them, it is namely the details that are the reasons for the success or the failure of an event.

Before you ask for a quote for catering, please consider the following issues:

  1. Set a budget
  2. If possible, specify the number of expected guests
  3. Choose a venue (please look at the “Halls” section of our website)
  4. Set a date and starting time

Venue Layout

  • Seating arrangement
    • suitable for events with longer duration; e.g. Weddings, gala dinners, company celebrations, presentations
  • Buffet tables with no seating space
    • suitable for event with short duration, when the space is limited or when you want your guests to network, without being limited by the seating arrangements of the venue of the event. Please take into consideration that the participants in the event will stand during the event so it is advisable to put a number of tables though.


  • Non-alcoholic bar
    • if you have any budget restraints, the complete lack of alcohol during the event will help you cut down costs. Think also of offering some special non-alcoholic drinks to your guests, such as fresh fruit juices or cold tea.
  • Wine
    • abundant choice is a spice of life... except when you wait in a line during an event. Offering wine as the only alcoholic drink during your event is an effective cost-cutting measure and at the same time helps to speed the service of your guests and give them more time to participate in the event.
  • Complete bar
    • a special day deserves the best! You can order a bar with a variety of cocktail drinks. If this is your choice, we would ask you to request this in advance so that we prepare the needed special equipment and staff in order to serve your event.

Serving the food

We would like to ask you to inform you in advance regarding any food allergies and/or diet limitations that the guests of your event may have.

  • Cocktail fingerfood, served by our waiters from special dishes
    • whether if would just for welcoming the guests or as a sole way of serving food during your event, this options makes a good impression on guests and it is easy to be executed. The only issue with this option is that it requires extra waiters, which may increase the cost for staff service for your event.
  • Buffet table with fingerfood
    • this options is suitable when there are no seating tables, for events with short duration or for light breakfast/coffee breaks after the main content of the event
  • Buffet
    • this way of serving food is quite popular. This option helps to minimize costs for staff, as well as gives you more room to offer a richer variety of food to your guests.
  • Seating arrangement
    • this option has two variants for serving food: individual portions or French style of serving. The first variant gives you the opportunity each guest to be served by our waiters. The French style serving is a way to serve food to the whole table via one big, beautifully decorated plate.
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